Pelo Malo Where?

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Our Founder & CEO

“A woman should be two things: who and what she wants to be”

Dominican-American Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur Sherly Tavarez is the Founder of Hause of Curls, a brand made for the new age woman in mind, who have embarked on their natural hair journey. During her childhood, Tavarez would hear phrases like, "Why don't you brush your hair?" and "Are you going to the hair salon to straighten your hair?" which led her to believe that curly hair wasn't beautiful. She spent years using heat and chemicals trying to straighten her hair but eventually decided to embrace her natural curls. After searching for apparel brands that matched her newfound confidence, this pioneer chose to create a line of her own, Hause of Curls. She turned negative words about natural hair into empowerment statements on t-shirts.

Our Story

Hause of Curls (HOC) is a widely-popular fashion brand influenced by the Latinx and mixed-race cultures. With catchy t-shirt designs like, Pelo Malo Where?. The creative designs took the Latinx community by storm, from Brazil, Egypt, London and various other countries across the world. Women and men began sharing their stories and wearing the brand. Now, these stories are the backbone of Hause of Curls and the beginning of a great legacy.

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Our mission

HOC encourages you to love and embrace your beautiful curls and to eliminate the perception of “bad hair.” Our mission is to get this message to the younger audience and have them growing up with the knowledge that their natural hair is a symbol of beauty and your roots!  The message is simple... you are beautiful just the way you are!

Our Team

Sherly Tavarez

Founder & CEO

Loves ice cream a little too much...

Nathalie Medina

Media & Public Relations

Making you look good on-screen and off-screen is her thing!

Henry Torres

Head of Photography

Always capturing the best angles!