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"For years, women of color have faced the cycle of hair typing. Not to be confused with curl typing, there has long been a hierarchy in the texture and curl of our hair. "
This Viral “Bad Hair” Shirt is Redifining Latinx Beauty Standards
Revelist - October 23, 2018
"The bilingual message isn't the only reason Latinas are connecting with the design; Tavarez worked with Nigeria-based artist Princess Karibo to illustrate women of three different skin tones (light, tan/medium, and deep) on the shirt so that everyone could identify with it and feel represented."
These "Pelo Malo Where?" Shirts Are Going Viral For The Best Reason
Refinery29 - October 22, 2018
"Her mission behind the new designs is to encourage curly haired girls to love and embrace their beautiful curls and to understand that there is no such thing as “bad hair.” "
This Dominicana Launched ‘Pelo Malo Where?’ T-Shirts To Help Latinas Love Their Curls
Hip Latina - September 07, 2018
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"Being A Curly Girl .... I Know Some People Didn’t Always Accept Natural Hair. And We Would Receive Such Feedback From Others Like.... ”Bad Hair” “That Mop” “You Look Like A Lion” “Did You Comb Your Hair” And The List Goes On And On! ______ But I’m Proud To Say.... That Never Stopped Me From Loving My Hair & Styling It Out In Public With Nothing But Pride. We Can’t Please Everyone And That’s OK! You Have To Learn To Love Who You Are.... And Love The Fact That Your Different! ______ With That Being Said... @sherlytavarez You Did An Amazing Job Creating A Shirt With So Much Meaning💛 I’m Proud To Wear & Rock It!"
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"Pelo Malo Where?... Pelo Malo my a** 🍑#sorrynotsorry ... ¿porqué hay que definir el pelo rizo como pelo malo? Mi cabello rizo es lo más hermoso que tengo y estoy tan agradecida de poder lucirlo a todo el mundo. Shoutout a @sherlytavarez por la creación de estas camisas y el mensaje que quiere llevar. Un mensaje de que todos, hombres y mujeres, nacimos con un pelo diferente pero un pelo hermoso no importa su forma➰❤️ "
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"embracing my naturally curly hair as much as I can. most of you curly hair people can relate with the sometimes negative comments we have been conditioned to believe to be true, but my hair will never be “bad hair.” 😌 "
Sherly Tavarez
CEO, Founder
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